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Outdoor work: Drawings, pastels, watercolors etc.

Since the age of 12 I have -on and of- had the habit of working outdoor in the landscape with crayons, pastels, watercolor, charcoal or other drawing tools. Not unlike an angler who is exited to see what todays catch will be. Below are some of the works. The sizes are around 40x30cm unless anything else is mentioned. The observation and interpretation of weather, of light, of temperature and humidity have often been the focus of the drawings.

Brabrand. Watercolor

Holme. Watercolor and pastels.

Marselisskoven, Aarhus. Pencil

Holme. Pastels.

Bay of Aarhus. Pastel, water and pencil. 25x18cm

Bay of Aarhus, pastels.

Brabrand, watercolor and pastels.

Holme, DK. Pastels.

Holme, DK. Pastels.

Zürich, 35x50, watercolor.

Bay of Aarhus. Pastels.

South of Aalborg, watercolor.

Kuldīga, Latvia. Watercolor and pencil.

Kuldīga. Watercolor, pastels.

Peloponnese, Greece. Watercolor. 20x16cm.

Peloponnese, Greece. Watercolor 32x24cm

Aarhus. Pastels. 45x30cm

Aarhus. Pastels. 45x30cm.

Charcoal, watercolor.


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