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Painting, sculpture, installation, performance. - earlier works.

No title, 1997, 130x100cm.

No title, 2004, 160x160cm.

The cello players painting, 1995, 130x100cm.

From the series "tourism" 2005. 160x160cm.

"Saturday" 140x100cm, 150x115cm

From the series: Road into the mountains. Acrylic on fiberboard. 122x140cm

From the series: Road into the mountains. Acrylic on fiberboard. 122x140cm

Peter, sitting. From the series: The passion. Oil on canvas. 160x160cm

Wall object, oil on canvas, 125x60cm

Oil paintings, sculpture in plaster. From exhibition: New works in Gallery "KunstUndCO"

in Flensburg, Germany. 1997.

Painted object, oil on canvas. From solo exhibition in Contemporary Art Center

in Vilnius, Lithuania, 1994.

Two wall objects, oil on

fiberboard. CAC, Vilnius.


Sculpture, painted wood. approx. 145x 100 x100cm.

CAC Vilnius.

Two outdoor installations, bamboo sticks and painted canvas. 250 years celebration Goethe Festival, Lübeck, Germany 1999.

Three fotos from outdoor installation "A celebration of winds" Culture Center

Tuskær, west coast of Jutland, Denmark. Acrylic on canvas. Bamboo. 1998.

From the workshop "a celebration of winds" 1998. Tuskær. West coast of Jutland.

'Two photos from a painting-movement performance

with Movement performer Fine Kwiatkovsky, Berlin.

The performance took place in Aarhus Denmark.

Installation with white painted everyday-objects. The objects could be observed through two

large water prisms splitting the light into the spectral colors. From the exhibition PRISM in Aarhus, Denmark 1999.


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