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Recent works 2 - works with multiple parts.

The following works consists of multiple parts.

The underneath called Open Lock (sluse) is part of experimenting with the

alternating perceptions of two and three dimensions. 

Open lock / åben sluse Acrylic on plywood. (ca.50x170cm)

Ash poetry. Askepoesi. Detail.

Ash poetry. Ash and pvc glue on plywood. (approx. 45x170cm.)

Three states of a kitchen cabinet. (Oh blissful emptiness)

Acrylic color on plywood. 190x70cm.

Six boards from the archives of an unknown language. (Oil on wood. Each board approx. 50x40cm)

Six boards.. detail

The picture. Oil color on plywood. (43x270cm)

The picture. Detail.

House investigation. 45 x 300cm. Acrylic on plywood.

Investigation, detail.


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