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A public decoration from slate, copper and light.

The map of kosmos.

This and the following works are my contribution to a decoration in the eldest highschool in Aarhus, Denmark: Aarhus Katedralskole. The docoration was done in coop. with sculpturer and graphic artist Bjørn Kromann Andersen in 2003. The material used here is slate illuminated from behind.

The entire work carriers the name ZOOM as the seven parts in total represents a zooming movement. From Map of Kosmos (above) to world map, to map of Jutland (part of Denmark) to map of the the highschool to a bird to a wing to the last part: A feather, which again represents a new entity.

All parts are made of slate and copper (both from the schools old roof)

Detail, map of kosmos.

ZOOM, the map of Jutland.

Detail, map of Jutland

Birds. Copper, ash tree.


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